code{strata} v2

Justine Fortier, Nicolas Harrand and Oscar Luis Vera PĂ©rez

What is software and how does it work? How is it organized? What happens when we copy paste?

Our aim is to highlight all the complexity and structures behind our intuitive and streamlined graphical interface to see the beauty that emerges.

This artistic interpretation, based on the analysis of the execution of a ctrl-c ctrl-v in a simple text editor, offers you to explore a copy and paste, stratum by stratum.
For this second version, we have imposed as a condition to create a movable artwork. That's why this project took the form of a web application, bring up by an aesthetic so called plastic economy.

Here, the austerity of the work, by application of the concept of plastic economy, appears legitimate. It evokes, on the one hand, the coldness of the machine and, on the other hand, our desire to decomplex and not scare the visitor, gradually giving way to wonder at the sight of all the functions called for the execution of an action as simple as the copy and paste. We also want, through this artwork, to give a visual and audible account of the place occupied by human in this software universe.

In order to shine a light on those who have programmed all these functions, we draw through the work a kind of memorial in honor of those who participated in the creation of the ctrl-c ctrl-v. When we analyze the data collected, we distinguish two types of function calls: functions called by the text editor and those called by Javafx libraries; both represent distinct communities of developers, all working in the style of an ecosystem and this is what we try to find visually. Finally, to the visual exploration is added a sound exploration of what happens inside a computer, assuring in this way a total immersion.

The choice of breathing is not insignificant, obviously evoking the human. However, the division of the track in grains characterizes the couple tension / slackening specific to the execution of the ctrl-c ctrl-v. In addition, it is symbolic of the effort, effort of the machine that makes an incredible number of calculations for this action that seems so simple, but above all, effort of the developers who wrote these millions of lines of code.